Friday, February 19, 2010

Jamie Gillis Has Passed Away

At least according to 42nd Street Pete. This is more of a shame than just some porn star passing away. I met Mr. Gillis at the last Cinema Wasteland in October. He was such a gentleman with great stories. I got to say hello and shake his hand. He had such soft hands. The man was in porn when porn was a real movie with fuck scenes in it, not the gonzo bullshit you see nowadays. It is ironic that Jamie helped found the gonzo concept of porn, but he was always that guy with the crazy eyes who could act and fuck on cue.
The world is a little less of a fun place because he's gone.
We will miss you, sir.

Enjoy the video.

I'll be back later this weekend with reviews of Satan's Princess and Hellbride. Be safe.

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