Saturday, February 20, 2010

Double Feature Time!

I had been missing out on a lot of movies I had recently acquired so I thought I would pop a couple of them in the DVD player now that most of my midterms have fallen by the wayside.
First up is Satan's Princess. I really thought it would have what I wanted in a late 80's flick;
Robert Forster? Check.
Boobies? Check.
Blood and gore? Check?
A ton of weird shit going on? Check.
I was bored stiff. Seems that some whacked out monk painted this picture of a chick and a dude who has a messed up face. Flash forward to the hear and then and it seems that this weird broad in charge of a modeling agency is actually the title character. Yeah she's pretty when she's naked and there is a lot of naked in this flick, but the movie is just dull, demon dull. Avoid at all costs.

It was with some trepidation that I decided to watch a newer flick called Hellbride. It's a micro budget affair lensed in the U.K. if I'm any judge of accents. It seems that this woman was supposed to get married. Yeah, then she caught her future husband schtupping some other dame. She didn't go all ballistic right on the spot. She let this hate simmer for a while. She offed people involved in the wedding and, on her wedding day bit off her finger and spit it at her groom, ring and all and then gutted him like a fish. So, naturally, this made it an evil ring and that made more and more people wanting the damned thing. Everytime it ended up in a huge body count. Now it's present time and the ring has changed hands a few times. It's being used for a new wedding and you might think you know what's going to happen and you couldn't be more wrong.
This movie had attitude and a fresh, whacked out sense of humor that I find missing from a lot of modern day fare. I think if it had been made here in the states that it might not have been as funny. Has that off kilter British humor coupled with a nasty vengeful ghost story.
I am really happy that I watched this. I would have enjoyed more nudity that the one out of focus pair of sweater puppies, but what are ya gonna do.
That's it for this little outing. I'll be back soon with more reviews.

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