Saturday, August 29, 2009


This might be the feather in Severin's cap. Sure, they have given us stuff like The Sinful Dwarf and the original version of Inglorious Bastards and many quality Jess Franco flicks, but this is Screwballs!
Screwballs exists for one reason;
Porky's made a lot of money. people took notice of that and the people behind Screwballs were no exception.
With a sharp sense of humor and the bizarre feel of a live action cartoon, Screwballs deals with a group of high school boys quest to see the breasts of one Purity Bush. Purity is the unobtainable object of lust that all the boys of Tate & Adams (That's right it's T&A High, one of many wordplay jokes)must see before they graduate. No matter what the cost.
With a script by Jim Wynorski and Linda Shayne, who also plays the delectable Bootsie Goodhead, Screwballs is just fun teen comedy.
You will want to keep an eye out for Raven Delacroix who plays stripper Annie Tomical. The former Russ Meyer girl shows us the two reasons why she should have been in more movies than the few she appeared in.
Severin gives Screwballs a treatment that some Academy Award winners never receive on DVD. There are interviews with the writers, the director, one of the stars and a couple of film historians. There is an insightful feature length commentary by the director along with a trailer for the film.
Screwballs is the best teen comedy being released on DVD this year. You need to go see this thing immediately.
To whet your whistle, here are the opening credits. Bootsie Goodhead, my favorite in the flick, is the one being violated by the giant hot dog.
Ya kinda have to watch it now, dontcha?

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