Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yeah, yeah, I know that Tarantino spells it the other way, but who cares? I watched this this weekend along with G.I. Joe (loved it) and Transformers 2 (Hated it, too dull)
This is the most amazing film I have seen in quite some time. Sure, it's based off of the original film, but it does things it's own way.
Now I could review the flick, but I don't think I'm going to do that. There are plenty of reviews out there so, I don't feel it's necessary. Instead, I am going to say what makes this such a great and special film.
Chistoph Waltz.
As Col. Hans Landa a.k.a. The Jew Hunter, Waltz delivers the best performance in a film that actually has quite a few great performances. He manages to steal this film from people like Brad Pitt. Not too shabby if you ask me.
Is it a bomus that we share the same last name and German ancestry? Sure it is! Always good to see a possible distant relative make good. And he made very good with this flick.
As proof that this film is not boring let me give you the following facts. My nine year old son, Daniel, has the attention span of...well, a nine year old. Couple that with the large amount of subtitles that make up over half the film and this is not your average nine year old movie viewing experience.
He loved it. Thought it was a great film. And it never felt like two hours and thirty-three minutes to him, or to me for that matter.
This is the best film that I have seen this year.
Congratulations, Mr. Tarantino. You have made an excellent film.

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