Monday, March 2, 2009


UPDATE!!! Apparently, Donna Lucas has convinced Tim to come back to the WatchBlog. While Tim says he won't be posting anymore artciles and whatnot, it is good to know that he will be there for us in the future. I smiled the entire time I read his latest entry. Good to have you back, sir.I have been sick these past few days and so have not kept up on my obligatory blog reading. Haven't felt like getting near the computer. Anyway, I forced myself to go to work today and thought that since all I was doing was taking up space I would check on my favorite blogs. One of these is Tim Lucas' Video WatchBlog. Tim Lucas has been a part of my life for many, many, many moons. I can remember reading his stuff before he even had a magazine of his own. I have chatted via email with him and his lovely wife, Donna, numerous times and have always been amazed that he would even write to me to begin with. I have subscribed to Video Watchdog a couple of times in the past. Affordability prevents me from doing so currently, but who knows what the future may bring?
I have his Mario Bava book, a tome so massive and impressive that I feel I am doing it a disservice just by picking it up. Yes, I'm still reading the damned thing and love every page of it.
Tim's blog was always like the fill in the blank stuff for me. Stuff that would never make it into the pages of his magazine or not obsessive enough to create a book out of it. The WatchBlog was the spackle of Tim Lucas' life.
Now it is gone.
Thursday, February 26th will go down as a dark day here in the wilds of the Internet as a post simply titled '845' (The number of blog entries he has done) with a bittersweet poem telling us that the ride is over.
Anyone who knows me knows that I despise change. I despise that this has come to an end. I despise that I will no longer be getting a heads up when there's a new article by Tim in the recent issue of SIGHT & SOUND. Or that he uncovered a lost treasure of video importance in his attic. This immediate gratification is gone and I despise it.
I also understand that he is Tim Lucas and he won't let us down. We'll get our magazine and he's always writing something.
It just won't be the same.
Good Bye WatchBlog. The Internet has dimmed slightly at your passing.


Holger Haase said...

That's a damn shame. I hope he at least leaves all those entries up online. Mind you for some strange reason I could never figure out how to subscribe to the Watchblogs RSS feeds, but I defo will miss this blog.

Douglas A. Waltz said...

I don't see why he would take it down. That would eb a shame. He could cull all the material from it and make another book. That would be cool.


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