Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yeah, this sucks. That's the only real way to put this. The man gave us such wonderful creations in film. Hell, even his toys were the coolest things on the block. Now, he's gone and will be missed by all of us who used to pour over old issues of Fangoria and look at the incredible detail he brought to his work.
My favorite memory of Stan would have to be when I got the DVD of John Carpenter's The Thing. There is this huge documentary that really is nothing more than talking heads, but so full of information. Stan came on to explain his dog puppet creation and I was mesmerized the entire time he talked. Soft spoken, but knowing what he wanted to say with great eloquence. It made me appreciate the way his mind approached an effects problem and now he's gone.
I know there is a Heaven and all I can truly hope is that Stan will be there for me to see in the hereafter. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family in this most troubling of times.
Stan Winston you will be sorely missed here on Earth.

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