Saturday, March 8, 2008


From the wild and woolly land of Low Budget Pictures comes the newest adventure of our favorite simian. I'm talking about LBP mainstay Teen-Ape and he's on his way to camp to teach camp counselors how to get down with the funk. when he gets told by Heather of Heather and Puggly fame that he owes her a favor, Teen-Ape gets back to nature. Then his arch nemesis Choach arrives and things take a turn for the worse when Teen-Ape discovers that the camp counselor thing is just a ruse. It's covering up something bigger and more heinous than he could ever imagine.
What is it? Buy the movie, fools! LBP always gives us low budget hijinks and more jokes per second than anything being churned out of Hollywood these days. There are a few mainstay characters from the LBP universe and a plethora of new ones that are sure to make you laugh until you fart. Especially the two female LARPers. Those chicks are too funny!
Seriously, haven't been initiated into the world of Chris Seaver? Then head on over to here and get right with the Lords of cinema. You can thank me when you are finished wiping the tears of hilarity from your eyesockets.

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