Sunday, March 30, 2008


An infamous piece of EuroTrash makes its way onto DVD in a gorgeous transfer. The Sister Of Ursula tells the tale of two sisters, Dagmar and Ursula who have come to a beautiful seaside resort to relax shortly after their father's death. Ursula is the moody one who has psychic flashes that tell her that terrible things are going to happen.
The hotel is full of promiscuous customers that soon fall beneath the menacing, monstrous giant wooden dildo of death. What was that? What did you say? yeah, that's right. The unseen, black gloved killer is wielding this carved two by four (okay, it's not that big, but it's pretty damned big) in the shape of a penis. Kind of. It's actually a carving of a monk on one side and a penis on the other.
Pretty soon it is imperative to find out who is slaughtering all the good looking people in this hotel.
Who could it be? The night club singer? Her moody boyfriend? The hotel manager? Yeah, I'm not telling.
The Sister Of Ursula besides being a true of example of sleazy EuroTrash is also a well done entry in the giallo genre. The location is beautiful and director Enzo Milioni has no qualms with throwing the red stuff onscreen along with a long line of beautiful women who get naked at the drop of a hat.
In addition to the film we get the theatrical trailer (in Italian) along with a 30 minute interview with director, Enzo Milioni. This is probably one of the more informative sit down interviews Severing Films has done. Enzo was always trying to make an art film and kept getting talked into making films like this instead. His stories of having a drug addict for an actor, getting to use a hotel that wasn't even finished and then it never opened are wonderful tales against the backdrop of the film proper.
The Sister Of Ursula is another feather in the cap of Severin Films. One not to be missed.

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