Thursday, December 27, 2007

PANIC (1976)

The box actually says that the flick was made in 1983, but I'm gonna go with the IMDB date instead. Especially since the flick was originally titled BAKTERION. So, we get this scientist type that has these experiments blow up in his face and he turns into a bloodthirsty monster and goes on a rampage slaughtering people. Enter Captain Kirk. No, not William Shatner. The character's actual name is Captain Kirk and he is played by none other than David Warbeck. Kirk is there to destroy the threat before time runs out. When time runs out they are gonna nuke the town to make sure that the contagion doesn't spread any farther than necessary.
Kind of odd since the creature comes into contact with quite a few people and they never get infected. Oh well, what ya gonna do?
So, with the time growing nearer and nearer, Kirk is forced to obtain a substance known as Necron gas. Bullets don't harm the monster so it is a last resort. The scientist type's assistant (played by blonde euro goddess, Janet Agren of EMERALD JUNGLE fame) thinks that she can cure the doctor. She even manages to communicate with the beast, but Kirk is having none of it. He manages to slaughter the monster and the bomb is not dropped. All is well for the survivors.
This isn't all that bad a flick. It's always good to see Ms. Agren, although she remained clothed throughout which was kind of a disappointment. warbeck is always good in the macho hero role and this time is no exception. The story just kind of moves from slaughter to slaughter with little rhyme or reason. Just enough time to eat up the running time and make sure that we get plenty of shots of the goopy monster and the crappy blood effects that he wreaks across the small village.
In the end it is a modest monster flick that serves it's purpose. To entertain

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