Sunday, December 9, 2007


Man, are those kids creepy or what? Seems that they were on their way to a asylum for looney kids and the bus gets into an accident. The driver gets knocked out and there is the kids' opportunity to escape. There's a nearby house full of three couples and a handyman. The kids make a beeline for the place and they get a chance to whack their keeper before he spills the beans.
It isn't long before they start dispatching the people one by one. At first, the grown ups think that there's a killer on the loose. It's waaaay too late before they figure out the truth and by then, well the grown ups are screwed.
There are some interesting kills; a woman set on fire, death my swing that has a machete in the front of it, but my favorite would have to be when they drown the big titted bimbo and drop piranha in the bathtub while she struggles to survive. Very inventive.
Now, here's the weird part. The big tittied bimbo I mentioned, yeah her name is Carolyn Steller and she is Leif Garrett's mother. Also Dawn Lyn who you might remember better as Dodie on MY THREE SONS, is Leif's sister and the daughter of the aforementioned Carolyn Steller. Kind of a weird flick to involve the whole family in. Especially when Carolyn is thrashing in the tub buck naked and her own daughter is dumping live piranha on her. In defense of the piranha, they looked a lot like blue gills to me.
In true 70's exploitation schlock we get a downer, non ending, but I gotta admit. The murders were creative, the kids were creepy and probably the weirdest thing is that the only motivation that these kids had was that they were crazy. No radioactive sludge made them this way or being the offspring of aliens, these kids were just bug nut crazy.
This is another one from the Chilling 50 pack I got. This was a good one.

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