Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Howdy all! My new chapbook, ATTACK OF THE CREATURES FROM THE UNKNOWN is out! A full color, wrap around cover by the one and only Linc Polderman. Signed and numbered limited to 100 copies. Get yours now. makes for an excellent Christmas gift for those on the hard to buy for list. Only 10 dollars postage paid! Make payments to Paypal at dwaltzwriter@yahoo.com or send me cash, check, money order or something really cool in trade to;
Douglas Waltz
1915 Douglas Ave.
Kalamazoo MI 49007
Anyone ordering it gets a free copy of the newest issue of the print version of this blog. That's right! Another issue of Divine Exploitation is coming for Christmas! If you just want the issue of Divine send along two dollars postage paid for that. It is also available for trade. A wicked cover by Stew Miller featuring the insane crew over at Low Budget Pictures.This is one cool issue of the zine that has been around since 1988.
Now, I know what you're thinking; What is this whole ATTACK OF THE CREATURES FROM THE UNKNOWN about? Well, last year I did a chapbook (The first in a series of five) entitled BRUCE LEE VS. ILSA, SHEWOLF OF THE S.S. IN THE DEVIL'S TRIANGLE(still on sale I might add for a measly seven bucks). My buddy and cover artist Linc Polderman came up with the idea of doing a series of chapbooks. This story originally appeared in the anthology, PARASITIC SANDS and it seemed like the perfect story for chapbook treatment. It's basically a riff on the whole B Movie attack of monsters kind of thing on the shore of Lake Michigan. It's meant to be taken that way and any attempt at logic will show huge plot holes in the narrative. If you're a Roger Corman or Al Adamson fan then you will love this story.
And finally, what's up next for the chapbook series? The title says it all; THE PENULTIMATE MACHINATIONS OF FU MANCHU will be out next year and it looks to be the craziest of the series so far.
So order stuff now and frequently. As a bonus, check out the ultra cool banner from the cover of ATTACK OF THE CREATURES FROM THE UNKNOWN that Linc Polderman had made for me. Sweet!

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