Friday, November 9, 2007


Two of the finest companies releasing long lost flicks on the DVD market today would have to be Severin Films( and Blue Underground( Being a huge fan of Jess Franco they release more and more of his product. Severin gave us the wonderful one two punch of MACUMBA SEXUAL and MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD. Not to rest on their laurels they put in another one two performance with THE SEXUAL STORY OF O AND THE INCOFESSABLE ORGIES OF EMMANUELLE. This is Franco at his sleazy best. Blue Underground has given us fantastic presentations of Franco films like VENUS IN FURS, THE BLOODY JUDGE and THE GIRL FROM RIO.
Now, here is my one and only complaint;
It is obvious that these discs are being manufactured with people like myself in mind. Dyed in the wool, genuine Franco fans. Really, there are those who love Franco and those who hate Franco. I doubt that these are being produced with the Franco haters in the crowd. That being said, we need longer bonus materials on these discs! You're already there. You have Franco discussing his films and he loves to talk so what is the problem? Really each of the aforementioned features needed at minimum an hour to cover what we were watching. And we know that Lina Romay is there constantly at his side so, get her in on it as well. OF all of them MACUMBA SEXUAL was one of the more satisfying looks behind the scenes, but it was too short!
Pack the discs! Make them a double disc if you have to. We don't care and we'll pay the money for them. Previous releases should prove that.
So, Severin Films, Blue Underground, thank you for what you do, but take this heartfelt plea into consideration with your, hopefully, upcoming releases of more gems from the Franco filmography.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Severin has no plans to release Just Jaeckin's The Last Romantic Lover.


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