Friday, December 5, 2014


Divine Exploitation #3

I'm at work so this is a pretty tiny image, it will not be this fuzzy on the actual product.
Now here's the scoop;

For some reason, even though I have changed nothing format wise from the previous two issues, the price went up. It is not five bucks it is five-fifty. I am of the opinion that this sucks so here is my solution;

You can PayPal me (Use the gift setting please or your money will be returned to you.) five bucks and where to send it and I will send it to you personally. Because of the inconvenience I will also be glad to sign the issue if you want, let me know in the paypal instructions. I am also famous for sending other things in the envelope like mini comics and the like so it will be a bonus. The five bucks will include shipping.
If you want it for Christmas order early.
Also, this is just for the US. I will be unable to ship overseas. 

Thanks for understanding.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Order HERE

Stay Twisted!

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