Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Realization

Wow! I really haven't been here since October 24th?? That's a long time. Sorry about that folks. Been busy on the Christmas issue of Divine Exploitation. More on that as it gets closer to finished. Anyway, I have always been a non fan when it comes to remakes of popular movies of the past. I allow it from time to time with some stringent arbitrary rules, but for the most part...not a fan.
Let's just pick a recent one for no apparent reason.
Evil Dead.
No reason to remake this. What are you going to do? Add shitty CGI effects? Yes you are! You know you are!
But, now it no longer bothers me thanks to my daughter, Dandelion. See, she knows a lot about one particular thing;
Fan fiction.
You know, when someone takes a popular TV show or movie or video game and writes their own little spin on it? Yeah, that's fan fiction.
So, from this point forward I have abolished the term 'remake' from now on it will be replaced with 'fan fiction'.
This new spate of 'fan fiction' seems like an awfully expensive endeavor. Maybe Hollywood should take a page from the legion of fan fiction writers. They do it on the internet...for free.

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