Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (1973)

So, we finally cut the cable and bought a ROKU box. It is amazing and saves us so much money. Then I noticed that Something Weird Video has its own channel. The best 4.99 a month anyone could spend. I have barely scratched the surface of all the Grindhouse goodness, but when I saw this title I knew I would have to watch it.
It is the year 2062 and the Earth is a wasteland. Breathable air is almost gone and only by living in these huge plastic domes near a giant pipeline can the last of humanity continue to survive. Motorcycle gangs roam the countryside and the film opens with a pack of motorcycle riders raping a couple of girls. One of them ends up dead with her throat slit for the trouble.
The opening narration is by God himself.
There is much simulated sex to be had throughout the movie and in the final act another group of people arrive at the dome and one of them is Uschi Digard. Luckily the future seems to be clothing optional.
There is much over acting to be had with people who belong to the yell your lines school of acting. That makes it funny.

The one vehicle they have is this cool custom job that must be seen to be believed. The denizens of the future wear gasmasks that seem to supply them with air even though the eye holes have no glass in them.
The clear plastic domes are cool, and inflatable and using the stretch of the desert with a huge pipeline and a water runoff underneath gives the film a weird vibe that works really well.
The thing that took it up a notch is a little over half way through the film when one of the motorcycle gang brings his pregnant wife to the domes so their baby can be born and live. The man in charge explains that they all only have a few hours left and it would be a waste to give anyone hope with a new life. When the leader of the motorcycle gang rushes the leader another member of the leaders tribe flies into frame with an huge kick to the face. At that point we get some pretty well choreographed Kung Fu that seems so out of place, but makes it just that much more of a cool film.
Of the entire cast Ushci Digard is the most recognizable and gets to have dialogue which is always nice. The other two actresses that did more than this film were Sandy Carey (WHAM BAM THANK YOU SPACEMAN) and Neola Graef (CHROME AND HOT LEATHER)
Even the director and producer did nothing after this and it's kind of a shame. Mixing some intense soft core with a futuristic, bleak armageddon story with kung fu and motorcycles is always a good time.

Thank you Something Weird Video for having your own ROKU channel.    

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