Monday, August 20, 2012

BIGFOOT (2012)

I loves me a bigfoot movie. Or a Yeti movie for that matter. When you add Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams and their characters in the flick fight, then it gets better. Throw in Bruce Davison and that just ups the ante. I'd tell you that the addition of Sherilyn Fenn makes it even better, but when did she get so thick? So sad. But then we get the addition of Alice Cooper and all is right with the world.
Sure, you could complain about the CGI bigfoot, but that's like complaining about a crappy rubber suit from the 50's. It's kinda the same thing. This is a really big bigfoot, however, we're talking King Kong sized.
Anyway, Barry is the tree hugging hippy who wants to save the beast and Bonaduce is the radio shock jock who wants to bag and tag the monster to make the town famous and make some cash at the same time.
Bigfoot is a fun little time waster of a monster movie.
SYFY has done so much worse than this. I wish that meant more.

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