Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Cinema of Jon Fedele. Part One.

Wild Malibu Weekend starts with and ends with tanned young ladies in 90's style bikinis...or less. In the land of T&A, Wild Malibu Weekend reigns supreme. Lots of thong bikinis as well. Directed by the lead actor of Flesh Gordon, Jason Williams knows what the people want.
The entire film deals with a bikini competition that is televised on some obscure Malibu cable station. The girls have to do various things like pop balloons, put condoms on cucumbers and play musical chairs. The bizarre part is we see the entirety of each game. I had no idea that a game of musical chairs could take so damned long.
Barbara Moore as the simple country girl is probably the cutest of the bunch. The one sex scene is played for laughs and takes about three seconds. The host of the show, Marv, played by Avery Masters is pretty good and it makes me wonder why this is his only flick.
The stage band, The Hypermatics is a pretty okay surf band that adds a lot to the proceeedings.
Our star, Jon Fedele plays a surly security guard and also does moldmaking behind the scenes.
Here's a clip;

Next up Ghoul School!

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