Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Ah, thank you Severin. I can remember when this was released and it's good to see it get the awesome treatment that Severin gives its releases.
Bloody Birthday gives us the concept that three children that were born in 1970 under an eclipse would be heartless killers becuase of some sort of astral configuration.
Now, eleven years later, it's their birthdays and all Hell is breaking loose. Joyce (Lori Lethin) starts to realize that things aren't right when people start dropping like flies. When someone gets too close to what is going on they are killed. The little girl sets up her father, the town sheriff, to slip and fall on a skateboard, but whne he steps over it, she lures him into the yard and one of her demonic accomplices bashes his head in with a baseball bat.
This is a classic slasher flick that I really do not like the ending of. These are children that will always be like this and the things they did required a much more violent retribution. They so did not get what was coming to them and that bothered me a little.

The film looks great. Lori Lethin looks great and she gives a great interview as one of the bonuses on the DVD.
There is also a featurette on slasher flicks as well as an audio interview with director, Ed Hunt.
And, finally, Julie Brown does like three strip teases topless in the flick and this is back in the day when she was young, cute and just really freaking stacked. That alone is worth the price of the DVD.

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