Thursday, January 13, 2011


I decided to watch a couple of flicks this afternoon. Martha is sick and she likes to sleep to get rid of the sickness so, kids in school is the perfect time.

First up was The Man With The Glass Eye. Seems that people are getting murdered by a knife thrower. Add to that heroin being smuggled in pool cues and a white slavery ring and you have a wonderful film that has the excellent Horst Tappert who I thought played the landlord in Spider Man 2. I was mistaken by the way but those guys sure look alike. So Inspector Perkins with his sidekick Sgt. Pepper (no, I'm not kidding) are running around trying to get enough clues to find out who the mysterious shrouded figure is and what their motive is.

This is a colorful movie filled with action, fun and it keeps you pretty busy from beginning to end.

I find that I like the color krimis more than the black and white ones. The colors they use just pop on the screen.

Then I watched Scotland Yard VS. Dr. Mabuse.

It seems that the spirit of Mabuse can not be defeated, even in death. Mabuse possesses another doctor and sends him on a rampage with a special camera that can make the wielder of the camera  have another do their bidding. At first they test the camera by having an innocent postman commit murder, but then it escalates and soon Scotland Yard is in on it, trying to stop the madman before he uses his hypnotic device to make all men his slaves.

Peter van Eyck is alright as Bill Tern who is helping Scotland Yard, but Agnes Windeck, who plays his mother, is more of an outgoing character in the film.

Also we get a young Klaus Kinski as a member of Scotland Yard who is actually pretty subdued for Kinski. It was an interesting flick, but I think my preference for color krimis is going to win out overall.

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