Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Right After CLERKS comes this bizarre little flick that has Jason Mewes, Jason Lee, Kevin Smith (in a teeny tiny role) Joey Lauren Adams and the one girl from Mallrats that is doing the scientific research on having sex with guys. I forget her name. Oh yeah, and Scott Mosier in a diaper.
Basically there is a group of five friends that have reached the end of their welfare run and have no prospects. Jason Lee is visited by a vision of Sasquatch and tricks his friends to make the journey into the wilderness to find the fabled beast.
Shot in black and white and about as rough as CLERKS was, DRAWING FLIES has an extremely dry sense of humor. While there are a few funny moments the film is just...well, there. It's interesting to see these actors when they were young doing this, but the flick is not all that great.
For curiosity seekers only, DRAWING FLIES is good for a single viewing.


TimTE01 said...

Okay, I'm jealous now. The film may not be good- as you say- but I still want to see it.

How dare you be out of print, movie?!?

Douglas A. Waltz said...

There's a button on the review where you can buy it for like 5 bucks with shipping over at Amazon.


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