Saturday, November 21, 2009


So, there I am watching Attack Of The Show the other day and they showed a YouTube trailer for a flick called Computer Beach Party. I am a big fan of the 80's teen genre so, I decided to track this little puppy down.
Man, am I glad I did!

It starts off with a horribly faked ship tossing and turning at sea. Seems this particular stretch of beach is where a ship loaded with treasure sank off the shore of Galveston.
That's right. Not California, not Florida, Galveston. Well this particular stretch of beach is where all the dudes like to race their sailing thingamabobs. except now the mayor is buying up the beach and trying to keep people away so that he can find the treasure.

Andy and Dennis our two erstwhile heroes will do anything to stop the mayor's evil plans and keep the beach pristine. And everyone knows that means...BEACH PARTY!! And no beach party of the decade would be complete without a hair metal band. In this case, a group called Panther which I found zero information on. They are not the group Panthers. Completely different.

And, since it is called COMPUTER Beach Party, these guys are computer nerds and their dinosaur computers are capable of waaaay more than they should be. Heck, some of the stuff they do on their computers you can't even do today.
Add to this a car that looks like a giant chicken, lots of gyrating bodies and an ample supply of boobies and you have a curious little flick that does what all teen comedies are supposed to do;

Fight the man, have some fun, drink some beer and see some titties.
Mission accomplished Computer Beach Party. Well done.
Oh and somehow they got a live performance by The Drifters doing Under The Boardwalk. Amazing, simply amazing.

Here's a clip;

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Anonymous said...

do you know where this is dl-able? I have an unfaltering desire to watch this film




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