Friday, July 24, 2009

Russell T. Davies is a hack!

I'll make this brief. And, yes, there are spoilers. The new mini series of Torchwood has decided to kill off Ianto, one of the main characters of the series. Why? See the title for a quick explanation.
Lately, I have been reading a lot about Mr. Davies in the news and there are many interviews with him. He comes across as a pompous ass. Look, sir, you're just writing television. It's not like you have invented the wheel. And, if you're such a good writer then why does Stephen Moffat win all the awards for the episodes of Doctor Who that he has written. Thank God that he will be taking over the further adventures of Doctor Who. That way Davies can stop clubbing us over the head with his personal life.
Yes, we get it. You're gay and don't believe in God. We got that pretty much right away, but there you are with your Gay Atheist club hammering away at us week after week.
Having been a big fan of the show in it's previous incarnation, Doctor Who not Torchwood, I have to say that I prefer that one. It was about the adventure not the preachy. It made a statement about the human condition by including all humans, not just who Davies wants us to think about.
Moffat does a good job of getting that idea across. Davies does not.
And now he has ruined Torchwood. Good for you Jackass.
And to all the fans of the show who are more upset about this than I am, Davies could care less. This is his little pet project and I'm pretty sure his agenda from the start. He only did Doctor Who so he could get Torchwood made. It's been planned for a while now and when he writes himself into a dramatic corner he goes for the easy out. Kill a major character. Ohhhhh! Never saw that one coming ya twit.
I, for one, will not be bothering with the finale of the mini series of Torchwood. Don't need to waste my time.
That's it for me. I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

I am utterly astounded that he managed to wreck Torchwood. I mean the first season was one of the most TV shows in history. Then they took too many years to produce the second season and changed the format and time it aired several times and had several season breaks in EVERYTHING EVER whenever they felt like it. Then the next season? Hah, nah we'll just make a mini series of like one and a half episodes. And then they went back to the original format giving us at least ten episodes but all of the same reasonably boring story arc.

That is a LOT of messing around and intentional ruination. I think it may have fallen foul of greed you know. How when they threw away money? Well, they didn't. Companies insure TV shows and movies. After Torchwoods smashing first season success they could have gotten HUGE insurance on it, so running it into the ground would be more profitable than having to try and keep that #1 spot for multiple years.

Ever notice the most amazing intellectual non-derpy TV serials get canned after a season or two tops? That's why. Insurance fraud. They would rather smash and grab then run off and spend their money in Barbados on hookers and coke than actually enjoy producing something amazing. They know things that engage people intellectually are infrequent and thus will be a smash hit because most serials are dumbed down for the age old reason;

The lowest common denominator bring down the rest of society. Everything is dumbed down for the most stupidest banal viewer, sadly. Whether they claim it's for children or non-English speakers to 'also enjoy' there's always some nonsense excuse. The bottom line is, they keep doing it to us and getting away with it.

I wish there was a way we could track them down and kick them in the goolies. :(


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