Sunday, April 5, 2009


I have been awake since 5 AM Saturday Morning. According to the computer in front of me in some bizarre business room at the hotel where the convention is being held, it's 5:24 AM Sunday. I will do a second post with pictures and whatnot, but I wanted to get things put up here before I forget some of these things.
To make it more interesting, The hotel I am at doesn't serve anything resembling coffee until 7AM! I may brave the nearby wilderness in search of caffeinated beverage to do something about that.
Now on to the show;
My friend Christopher and I arrived here at Cinema Wasteland promptly at a little after ten when the doors opened. The trip seemed short and was uneventful. All in all a good thing.
I managed to spot Mike Watt and his lovely wife Amy Lynn Best right off the bat. They remembered who I was which was a good thing. I tracked down Count Gore DeVol and we chatted and I had him sign a disc that I won from his website last year. One of my three mandatory signatures that I needed for the trip.
Lloyd Kaufman was nowhere to be found.
We ran into a lovely girl named Autumn who was part of the Horror Host Collective. Later in the day I would have to help save her from Rape Man, but more on that later.
I was shocked to see Ruby LaRocca at the show. She wasn't even supposed to be here. I amazed her with how many of her movies I had seen and got my picture taken with her. You'll see it later.
Lloyd finally showed up and I got him to sign my book. I will hve to scan the page for all to see as it is hilarious and would lose a little in the translation.
Then I ran into Chris Seaver and Travis Indovina. Travis was very nice as was Chis who is always nice when I run into him.
I finally met up with my Eurotrash buddies from Yahoo! Groups. Dan, David, Bryan, Louis and Bruce along with others who my sleep deprived brain refuses to remember where there. I got my last signature when David Zuzelo signed his book for me.
I got to see a special screening of DEATHBONE by Chris Seaver. There was a hilarious panel with 42nd Street Pete. More on him later as well.
There was a 11:00 PM showing of FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 5 that had live commentary by the director. Made it that much better.
Then it was off to the Hostility Suite for movies with the Eurotrash Boys. They all caved around 3 AM so I have been wandering, relaxing and waiting for morning to arrive.
I must now go and see if there is coffee nearby.
I give Christopher until 7, maybe 8 if I decide to track down breakfast and then I am rousing him from his relative's house to head back.
I will be sleeping all the way home and then more sleep tomorrow.
More later.


Mark Plaid said...


I was at CW this past weekend and my friend gave me a mini-comic you did and it had this address on it. I was on the phone and didn't ask him where he picked it up, probably the front table. I used to publish mini-comics and never get feedback. So I thought I'm not going to be one of the people I complain about. It was a fun little read. I had a great time at CW, it was my second one. Nice blog. Good luck with it.

Mark Plaid

Douglas A. Waltz said...

Glad you liked it. Did you get the Amazon one or the Chupacabra one? Thanks for digging the blog.


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