Monday, July 14, 2008


Thought I would put up two of these since I have managed to plow through a few more. I might do one more capsule one like I did previously of stuff I have already watched, but I'm not sure.
First up we have a little black and white number where the most interesting part is that Peter Falk is in it and HE"S the bad guy! Yeah, didn't see that one coming did ya?
Anyway, he plays Nico, this cool cat that hangs out at the local speakeasy. He also runs drugs for the mob, but Nico has a problem. He's been with all these beatnik types for so long that their bohemian way of looking at life is making him into something different. It all comes together when an old man dies in front of the group at the hang out. It puts them on a death trip and it isn't long before they whack some kid delivering telegrams when he shows up at one of their parties.
They feed him a hamburger of ground glass and he's down for the count.
What Nico and the gang didn't count on was the kid's older brother who is going to find out who took out his sibling. Plus, Nico's world is coming down around his ears and it won't take much to make the whole party collapse like a house of cards.
This is a pretty good little flick and Peter Falk is awesome as he chews up the scenery in this no budget flick. This one had a bare bones story and some incredible acting. I thought it was a little odd that they could drink at the hang out. I always thought that they hung out in coffeeshops? Oh well, it still stood up better than some of the other flicks in this batch.
Like the next one for instance;

My print says it's called Slashed Dreams. I have the picture of the title card here so you can see how awful it was done. The original title was called Sunburst and that doesn't make much sense either. It's got a lot of hippie kids spouting off hippie crap and there is some stalking of one couple by rapists out i9n the woods. You can tell that they were trying to make a flick with a message and it just fails on an epic level. So, why did they call it Slashed Dreams? Because Robert Englund was in it as another hippie living in the woods spouting off more of that hippie crap. This one was a waste of time. Some of the shots are still well done, but the acting and basic storyline ruin those. If you get this set you might do well to skip this one. Or watch it really high. That might help. Yeah, but it probably won't.


dombo said...

wonderful reviews and a terrific site, check out my mag, brutarian, i think you'll dig it!


Douglas A. Waltz said...

Sounds cool where do I find the mag?


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