Thursday, May 8, 2008


A while back I decided to put ad space on this blog. I did this through an amazingly easy program called Project Wonderful. And the ads flourished! Well, they flourished because you could get ad space for free. after a few weeks of meager profits and a lot of free ad space I decided to up the ante and charge a measly two cents a day for ad space. I figured that people would jump on that bandwagon. Yeah, look at the banner next to this and tell me how well that went. I don't think that two cents is a horrid price to pay for being here. Especially since I don't tend to show any biad towards any advertiser. I could care less as long as you pony up the two cents a day. Seems reasonable, right? Right! Oh well, I guess I'll bur the ad banner down a little further on the page and put the people I really like a little further up on the totem pole where they belong.
I'll be back late with some more of the weirdness that is Divine Exploitation.
Oh, and the word 'chimerical'? Awesome word and you should look it up and use it in a sentence from time to time. You'll be glad you did.
I gotta go.

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