Sunday, July 22, 2007


My apologies for the small image, but this was really the only one I could find. If anyone out there who reads this can suggest something I can use to capture images from DVD on my computer please get in touch with me at this blog. Also you may notice the name on the poster is different than the name of the movie. Well, there is no poster of Naked Massacre that I could find so we are stuck with it's original title.
Naked Massacre tells the tale of one Cain Adamson (quirky, biblical name, there ain't it?) It seems that Cain is fresh from Vietnam where he tried to kill himself with this wicked switchblade that his buddy Jimmy gave him. Seems that Jimmy was also porking his wife back home in Wisconsin in the good old US of A. Cain is not all that fond of women. So, he leaves Vietnam to arrive in downtown Belfast. I know, I shook my head, too. Why in the Hell would you pick Belfast? Well, Cain seems to have realized his mistake and is trying to get a boat out of town. Problem is he has no cash. enter a house with eight nursing students. Cain figures he can bust his way into the house and steal some cash from them. easy in and easy out, right? Wrong. Once he's surrounded with that much woman around him he starts to lose it. especially since one of the girls looks like his whore of a wife back home. From then on it terror and bloodshed as Cain proceeds to make the title of the movie, Naked Massacre, not Born For Hell, live up to it's name. See, I get screwed a lot on movies with these lurid titles. Barn Of The Naked Dead is the first to come to mind. Sure it had a barn and there was some dead, but what was it missing? That's right...naked. At least this time I got what it promised. But, I got much more. More than I really wanted. I expected lurid exploitation and I get a man who is completely insane terrorizing and slaughtering a group of women. It might be one of the more disturbing things I've seen in a while. And it didn't need a bunch of high tech special effects to pull it off. Setting it against the all too real violence of Belfast gave the film a gritty, realistic feel to it. I knew I was in trouble from the opening of the movie.
Our lead is walking along the docks and asked for his papers by a military man. Then the next scene is in a church. everyone is singing and the scene makes for a relaxing one.
Then the side of the church explodes, killing a few of the people inside. It comes out of left field and jolts you into a feeling that you have no idea what will come next. Definitely, a stand out movie that manages to rise above it's trashy title.
Now, if I could get someone to help me out on that program so I could get some still pictures for this blog. HELP!!!

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