Monday, January 22, 2007


This is a monster of a book. I am lucky enough to have gotten a copy of the 2nd printing of the book. I guess the first printing flew off the shelves and now fetches a pretty hefty price amongst collectors. Thank God I'm a reader, not a collector.
This bills itself as the definitive history of the Friday The 13th franchise. With coverage of all ten flicks, the television series, the books and comics as well as FREDDY VS. JASON, until something else comes along. This would be the book.
But, it's more than that.
Author Peter Bracke has managed to find people involved with many differetn aspects of the series. From directors to producers to people starring in them. We get the story down and dirty, just like it happened. Plus it's told entirely from the viewpoints of the people he interviewed. This makes it a realistic approximation of how low budget films are made, marketed and distributed.
The book is as much of a monster as Jason himself. It's one and a half inches thick, weighs in at just under five pounds and comes with a hardcover that could split someone's skull. There is also a fantastic wrap around sleeve that I immediately removed and hid away from my children.
Sure it's got a forty dollar price tag on it, but this might be one of those rare occasions where the book is actually worth the cash.
Loaded with great pictures on high gloss paper and filled with minute details of the production of one of the most successful series of films ever made.
CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES...get it before it gets you.

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