Thursday, December 28, 2006

Welcome to Divine Exploitation!

I have tried the blogging thing a few times. The most successful of these would have to be LAND OF THE FUNKADELIC WAFFLES. But, even that became tiresome after a while so I killed it. I have been doing a majority of my blogging over at My Space, but My Space can be so damned annoying at times.
It was then that I remembered Divine Exploitation. Divine Exploitation began in 1988. A small press fan zine that really hasn't evolved past that, but looks better than the first issue just because of what can be done with computers. I print it about once a year. If you would like a complimentary copy please send a request to;

Be sure to include a mailing address to send the zine to and I will get one out to you. Since Divine Exploitation has the nasty habit of never wanting to go away I decided to try adding to it with this blog. Here I will write about what ever strikes my fancy, just like the zine and I will hawk anyone's products I feel like. Again, just like the print zine.

If all goes well this will be a weekly update so, stick around and expect the unexpected. Oh, and if you would like me to link to your site be sure to email me with those particulars as well.


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