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I remember the days of old black and white comics. Vampirella being a huge favorite. I mean come on! How could you not like that costume, especially when I was a teen age boy? No contest. Well, now we get all the horror, all the action, all the kinky sex from the newest comic book to assault our senses. I am referring to Bolt Action.
After a successful Kickstarter the people behind the mayhem of this blast from the past have decided to let you, the discerning public take hold of this mighty tome with both hands. You'll need both hands trust me on this one.
With words and pictures by David Zuzelo, Tim Tyler, Neil Vokes, Skylar Owens, Brian LeBlanc and William Skaar, Bolt Action is a massive tome of old school exploitation.
And it's like the catered it to exploitation junkies in the worst way. There is a cohesive story line throughout that lets us embrace the theater going experience that it is emulating. Lots of little nods to the gods of exploitation are smartly sprinkled throughout. It reminded me of old issues of Creepy and Eerie magazine with the sexiness of Vampirella all combined into a wonderful stew.
Are you one of those people who just wait fro places like Vinegar Syndrome, Severin Films or Synapse Films to release some old school films to the public at large. Do you know who Jess Franco is? Do the names Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wynorski make you smile?
Then Bolt Action was tailor made for you.
I leave you some teasers and will update when there is a link to purchase...

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